It’s the economy stupid: Waxman On Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac

October 23, 2008

Of course it would take a republican to try to distract from the real issue. Fannie and Freddie was not the cause of our financial meltdown. Stop the BS and lies. Who they gave campaign money to is not a real issue.  They have been doing it for years and mostly know body gave a damn.

It was pure and simply that Wall Street (part of the 5% of the wealth I gather) who caused this ugly financial situation.  I know we do not want to think of this any further; but, this whole socialistic approach of the poor helping the rich out is appalling.  Bush/McCain with there stupid policy of no regulation also burns me raw as well.  How dare they come begging at my door.

Just had to get that out.  I hate this whole bailout plan.  The fact that I had to endure a president that was clueless and who accomplished the feat of bring my country (that I love fiercely) to its knees pisses me off.  Breath…now let it go…for now.

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