When this is done will there really be a GOP party left?

October 24, 2008

I ask this question because so many GOPs, conservatives and conservative newspapers have come out to support Obama.  Some say it’s because of empty headed Barbie; but, others say because of Obama’s steadiness.  Yes, I know, no real conservative would vote for Obama, blah, blah, blah.  Needless to say, they have and continue to do so.  You have conservatives, neocons and Christians (don’t worry this does not apply to you wanna be Christian yahoo racial hating fools) coming out for Obama.

Just maybe Obama is doing what he said, making this one nation, one America, one voice.  None of McCain’s dirty tricks are working.  Let’s face the truth.  No body is listening.  Mc’cain is coming off as old, confused and disconnected.  His running mate is showing signs of being Bush wraped up in a female’s body.  Then you have the real evidence that McCain is out of touch and that his campaign is not up to date with the 21st century strategy.  One of the most defining moments of who is in the 21st century was acknowledge when (the most innovative things I’ve seen) Obama  put his campaign ads in Xbox games.  The awesomeness of that move is overwhelming.  Can I compare that to something McCain did?  Ah…No.

Let me list a few more GOP defections that turned up today.  Goodness knows we have 12 days and there is no telling how many more will be throwing in the towel.  Let’s see, we have Goldwater’s grandchild, GOP Carlson, and Scott McClellan.  What is going on?  I know the bigots don’t like it, but did Colin Powell open a door for those that shared his sentiment and are now feeling empowered to no longer be afraid to step out?  There is 12 days left before this election.  How many more GOPs will come out in the open?  This is almost the defining moment of coming out of the closet.

This causes me to wonder, how will the GOP survive against someone that is for all of us and bucks, really, all party affiliations?  Will the GOP only consist of yahoos who will quickly die out (I hope so)?  Or, being a country based off of ideals will they survive just to show that we believe in being opposed even to the death of our own self interest?  Just a fleeting thought.

I hope I managed to keep my typos to a minimum since a right wingnut told me I was mangling the English language and was borderline incoherent (yea right.  I probably do have typos since I can only do this after work when I am tired, but incoherent?  More like I will not back down and believe in that next wanna be president — empty headed Barbie).

Enough said.



  1. The real question is, when this is done, will you still be wearing that same ol’ tired and worn-out weave? I vote that you throw that hideous thing in the garbage, along with your asinine opinions where they both belong.

  2. Go somewhere else and exchange your prejudice and hate with fools such as yourself. You are shallow and mentally disturbed.

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