Karl Rove can almost become a joke

October 26, 2008

Karl Rove stated today that its an up hill battle for McCain to win.  What McCain needs to do is:

“…pound home on two big messages. One message is, ‘I’m right on the issues and he’s wrong when it comes to taxes and the war on terror, and I’m experienced and ready to be president, and whatever his strengths and skills are, he, Sen. Obama, is not ready to be president’,” Rove said. “

Okay let’s pick these two messages apart.  McCain saying he is “right on the issues”  and talking about taxes in terms of how your opponent is a socialist is pretty much what McCain is doing.  What McCain has to start doing is addressing the issues with more details and offer a clear plan of what his vision of a solution towards redirecting our government involves.

I’m experienced” is another topic that McCain has tried and continue to try.  His experience does not tie into anything without him giving a clear concise vision on what his plan is for getting our government out of the deep hole we are currently in.

If this is the only advise that Karl Rove has then he is just as much out of date as McCain.  The problem with the Karl Rove play book is that it can not work in this particular era.  What worked for Bush when we had a surplus and a low debt was one thing; but now that we are suffering platitudes will not do.  Talking in abstracts is futile compared to what the American people need to hear.

Enough said.


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