meet the press: Campaigns clamor for battleground states

October 26, 2008

Oh now Blacks are important?  What is this a message?  Is this a note to McCain to get the republican party suppression machine working better?  When Blacks came out for Clinton this kind of press coverage was not significant.  But now that we have early voting to decrease the impact of (so we believe) of voters suppression, Black voters matter?  Very interesting.   Did they bother to note the turnout of college students?  No.  Why not?  They are the biggest group backing Obama.  Way before Black people.  Obama is ahead in the polls simply because some of us are tired of this road that Bush/McCain are traveling on.  WE WANT CHANGE.  NO MATTER YOUR AGE.  THIS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CONCERNS US ALL (exception to all racist, we know what concerns you people).

Believe me, this year’s vote will be rocked and if the republican party’s voter suppression does not get the steam it needs then it will be a blow out for Obama.  Good thing for us that Obama put a strategy in place that went around the republicans favorite states of voters suppression (Ohio, Florida, and Michigan).  Although the republicans did try to suppress votes in Philadelphia.  No luck though.  The people got tired of that kind of nonsense and sued the government (previous post) and won.  Heck even California had enough and kicked the automated machines out of 26 of the 29 counties to make sure this election was above par.  Considering all the states that are thinking about leaning Obama and those that are actually leaning Obama, that’s a lot of suppression.  I don’t think the republicans can participant in fighting all the states.  That would be way too obvious.

Power to the real people of America in all our diversity and with our love for America being one nation, undivided.  Screw racism and hate.  We need money not pathetic ideologies.

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