More Rightwing Hatred at Sarah Palin Rally in Henderson, Nevada (near Las Vegas, NV)

October 26, 2008

This is the usual selection of open minded Americans that normally attend Barbie’s rallies. Nothing new about the typical racist.

But watch the video carefully and notice the lack of diversity in the usual Barbie rally attendees. Notice a trend here? Notice that the Obama protesters are more diversity?  It can easily be argued, based off of the visual of this video, that Obama represents diversity while McCain represents closed minded ignorant racist.

As I’ve stated before, the republican party cherry picks these towns for Barbie to give her incendiary speeches to further promote hate.  I would assume this tactic is applied with the hope that the racist can turn the rest of us around?  Well…not so much me, but others not of my color.  Nevertheless, just another failed strategy in my book.

You should also note that the racist amazingly have latched on to the McCain’s camp talking points for their justification (Obama’s a Muslim, Obama’s a terrorist and Obama’s a socialist) for opposing Obama.  Of course Muslim is the new Black.  Since it is still considered politically incorrect to slander Black people.  Hence, Obama is called a Muslim to justify the racism which gives the racist, in their mind, the freedom to call him other names.

It does not take a degree of knowledge (short of being a racist) to figure out what is going on with the McCain camp’s strategy.  Divide and conquer.  The problem with this strategy is that the people McCain is pandering to are already in his corner and the rest of the United States is not listening.  McCain’s listeners, despite their protest of intelligence, show the degree of their ignorance by the name calling tactic they employ versus having an ability to argue for McCain in terms of any real substance.

If nothing else, these type of people help illustrate that McCain is not offering any real difference towards making any fundamental changes for the betterment of our government, should he become president.

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