Spotlight on Hate

October 26, 2008

I wanted to make my right wing fringe nuts feel more at home, so here’s a lovely comment from two of their own.  Plus I’ve decided to start awarding the ignorant and racist with their own special idiot award:

Education doesn’t guarantee an honorable character. Ted Bundy was an attorney and a doctor killed his two sons for insurance money so the education presentation doesn’t work int he real world.
McCain is a man of character proven by his years at Hanoi Hilton. He may be divorced but who knows the real story? Not you. Obama is for everything that is anti Biblical. Whether you believe the Bible or not doesn’t change its power and truth.
Obama cannot win in this country, it isn’t going to happen.
Obama has nothing to offer but rhetoric and he has so many skeletons in his closet he could celebrate Halloween all by himself.
The NRA won’t vote for Obama nor will the 5 million Mormons and the millions of Catholics who hate abortion. the KKK won’t vote for Obama , nor the Hispanics, or the Zionists, or the Evangelicals or the Baby Boomers and those born before 1945. The white blue collar workers and the cross over democrats, the republicans and the Hillary supporters won’t vote for Obama and then there is the Bradley effect. He will lose very badly when people actually vote.
I can’t see him winning this thing.

I have not touched janelinda’s response in any respect.  It is what it is and Janelinda need to stop sipping the kool-aide.  It sounds soooo much like Barbie, I guess she should feel proud.  But here’s my personal favorite from bolsonon.  It is just so, so, so…stupid like the jerk who wrote it.

Glad to see you could take time off from your duties at ACORN to post a few more rambling and ridiculous rants. How are those crackers tasting?

Better get back to your voter registration fraud fun soon. We want to make sure Obama gets his $800,000 worth!

Does ACORN work in New York?  I better check since it would be wise of me to quit my real paying job and take one that pays $8 an hour so Bolsonon can be right?  Of course he’s not done.  Here’s another one from him as well less than a minute from the first one.

The real question is, when this is done, will you still be wearing that same ol’ tired and worn-out weave? I vote that you throw that hideous thing in the garbage, along with your asinine opinions where they both belong.

Don’t you just love these fools?  They can really keep things lively.  Since I don’t wear a weave, maybe it’s time I get one, hm.

I can only say if these two did not want to be spotlighted and be the winners of this week’s idiot award, they should not have sent me these comments.  I get plenty of other comments that are just as nasty as the above, but these two went out of their way to be particularly stupid and are well deserving of being called idiots.

Don’t misunderatnd, I also have some from republicans/right wing I don’t mind bantering with and have done so.  I have a great amount of respect towards the ones that agree to disagree with out getting this stupidly nasty.  What makes these two so pathetically sad is that they actually believe this is helping McCain.

Enough said.



  1. For some reason I’d like to see posts like the ones above be given a “dramatic reading” treatment. Maybe acted out with puppets too, with crazy-ass googly eyes, yarn for hair, and tongues that always hang out. It could go up on youtube…

  2. I love it. What an utter brilliant idea.

  3. By those comments in your posts you can see how desperate they are trying to cling to any last minute hope that McCain will win or trying to sic themselves out of the apparent Obama win.

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