Can we survive tomorrow without him?

October 27, 2008

I finally now know why McCain holds Obama in contempt.  Jealousy.  Obama inspires a nation.  Correction.  Obama inspires the world.  It is not just a few people who have ventured out to see and hear Obama, irregardless of their race or religion, as compared to McCain.  Obama must have already had millions (yes I know I added an s) come to just listen to him speak.

The world has never seen anything like him in such a long time.  Yes there were men that were just as transformational but they have long time been lost to us,  John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.  Somehow, Obama is just as great or even greater then all three.  That the torch of Kennedy’s legacy was passed to him was ever so appropriate.  He does and does not have to fight the wars of racism that his predecessors had to battle.  You have your yahoo towns that would rather wrap themselves in hatred versus saving our nation.  But they are not the force they were during the days of both Kennedy’s and King.  The racist of today are the equivalent of porn stores in New York.  We have so eradicated their existence and they are nothing more than a minor choice.

What the racist don’t get is that it is not about his skin color (trust me on that score, I hate Al Sharpton) but his character and demeanor that have us all enthralled.  His quite confidence restores our faith in America and who we know we are.  His constant steadiness alludes to a faith that it will be alright that it eases our mind to what is going on with our economy.  I know it’s silly, but I feel when Obama wins  confidence will be restored with the world’s stock market (this is not a prediction).

Of course if McCain wins the stock market will probably crash and the right wing nuts will feel they are victorious.  But in reality they will suffer for the lost of someone so great, while they wait for the great white hope (Barbie, another bumbling idiot) who in their tiny little minds represents the change they are looking for while we slip further and further into the rabbit’s hole.

Enough said.



  1. The world has never seen anything like him in such a long time.

    Never? Or it’s been a long time? I haven’t heard hero worship like this coming from either campaign. This sort of stuff if why McCain supports refer to the Obama camp in terms of “drinking the Kool-Aid” and “Obamabots.”

  2. I plan to keep drinking that kool-aide and loving it. Now what? I could care less what McCain’s ignorant camp calls me. Just like their fearless leader who is utterly clueless they live in a world of jealousy. I on the other hand enjoy where my candidate stands and can enjoy expressing it.

    I really don’t understand why you people feel a need to give me your anti-opinion, since I am not listening, but as long as you stay civil I’ll keep talking with you.

  3. Obama cannot inspire the world without inspiring me.

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