In case I never said it

October 27, 2008

Since I am partially white, I am so damn tired of the media acting like all white people are nothing more than stupid bigots.  Good grief that banter is making me sick.  Just because McCain caters to the white bigots it does not define a whole race.  It would be no different if Obama was a black racist — which he is not — and appealed to those black people that hate whites.

This whole lame duck strategy of McCain’s is insultive to my black and white side.

Enough said.



  1. Thanks Chamay, I appreciate you differentiating between white people and good people. After all at least I’m not an Arab. Can you say that? I don’t think I would, but hey I’m not running for President. Have a great night.

  2. I am not a Muslim or Arab and really don’t have a problem with the Muslim faith or Arabs. But knock yourself out. I’m more than aware that the new phrase for Black is calling us Arabs or Muslim. Who cares? Nobody is listening to that stupid vile stuff. I live around Arabs, Whites, Jews and Hispanics. Since all I I am is an Arab right, should I get a boom and start killing someone to make a racist happy? Maybe I could start with where the hell you live. That would really make my Arab heart beat with joy. Man, you are just to stupid.

    Maybe you’re intent was not to be insulting but you where. Can I say what? Who I am? An American buddy and you should get use to it. My family has been in this country for well over 300 years and I will not be insulted because someone was careless with their words. As for Obama he’s a Christian just like me stupid. Look, do the world a favor and turn off Fox News and go to the library and find out the real truth.

    If you want to sink your self into the rabbit hole of having bias against another race that’s your thing. I refuse to malign any race (except dumbazz racist, no matter their color).

  3. If Obama gets elected than i will be worried. If something happens to him like alot of people are saying, we could wind up in another civil war. The blacks will be after the whites. the way the world is today blacks take stuff too raceist. For instance if we had a W.E.T. like blacks had a B.E.T. the white television channel would be racist. Not all blacks are like that. I know some are. If Obama gets elected and something happened to him then there will be alot more to happen. I dont want to ride down the road and get shot because of one white person screwing up. I believe Obama and McCain are good men. But id rather the president to get elected that will save civilains lives.

  4. My intent was not to be insulting I was repeating what John McCain had said to a woman at one of his rallies. I too found it offensive, but for some reason all my Republican friends say it is not. If you replaced Arab, with any other Adjective, White, Black, Chinese whatever it’s offensive, but race has only been injected into the election by the Democrats. I think not, that was my point, I apologize for not being more eloquent in my post.

  5. Sorry Vaughn,

    Point taken. I’m glad too. I get so many loons. But your right and you made your point very well this time.

  6. Whew, I’m glad I got that straightened out, as I am so in agreement with you.

  7. Bob Barton you might as well call CBS, Fox news, NBC, and ABC all W.E.T. and how bout standing up for the right thing instead of fear. Jeeeez, You’ve allowed yourself to be dead because of Obama being the President….”and then something happening to him” ……
    At this point all these things are just fear in your head

  8. Bob Barton,

    Save Civilian lives?… I’m gonna have to mull that one over. 18 graduate a civilian, no jobs, no money for college… I guess I’ll enlist. Shot dead… or 6 years of war wounded maybe. We have an entire generation of children that we have effectively destroyed with W. war to make Daddy proud. I wish George Sr. didn’t like Jeb better W. wouldn’t have so much to prove. Saving Civilians? What about killing our kids?

  9. I know, I am hating it right along with you. George Jr. came in with so much to prove with his totally inept self. He’s trying to do his father proud while fighting a war that the neocons thought would give us control of oil and he thought would make his father proud if he achieved victory. The only thing George Jr. accomplished was to get our children killed and a war that goes beyond any sign of victory.

    We have got to crush them and get them out the house. I would have answered you sooner but I am still forced to work. Something about if I don’t come they will not pay me. Damn those rules (smile). But please know that I will respond later in the night for some (I live in New York). You have become another of my favorite pen pals.

  10. Hey, I put you in the spotlight after checking out your site. I also included you in my blogroll. Let’s keep the communication up. I like your style it is very informative.

    If you don’t hear from me until tomorrow late at night (perhaps your time, you know why, that work thing). Good night.

  11. You my dear are awesome. How do I add you to my blogroll?

  12. Vaughn, I will send you an email, just keep your eyes open for idb as the messenger.

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