Let Freedom Ring – Part of the Problem

October 27, 2008

Who does the republicans think is eating this crap? Sorry we are not drinking the kool-aide.  Let’s get real here.  McCain, Mr. deregulation himself, thinks Americans are so stupid that we will blame Obama for the economic meltdown?  That’s right we are so utterly stupid and enough time has pass that we no longer remember that McCain’s own damn campaign manager, Rick Davis, was the lobbyist for Freddie and Fannie and got paid (to the tune of $15,000 per month) until August of this year?

I should believe this why? McCain is the same person that will not discuss issues and have surrounded his self with lobbyist while he beats his own drum of reforming (no details necessary) Washington?  I can literally start to feel my brain peculating.  How f@@king dare McCain play with my intelligence.  Like we don’t know his messed up history and what he’s doing now?  let me digress…Keating five, McCain’s little history with a racist group, cheating on his wife, (time to move into the here and now) promoting hate, voter suppression, character assassination, lying and so many other countless offenses.  Now McCain’s dumb 527 group want to tell me who started the economic melt down?  You people are so pathetically sorry and utterly pitiful.

These are the times I have only one desire and that is to bring you (republicans) down.  Nothing brings out my rage like messing with my intelligence or playing America like we are inherently stupid.  Sorry McCain but we are all not yahoos.  Let us crush him into dust.

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