My Moment of being sick of s….

October 27, 2008

Carly Fiorina was noted today for stating that we need to let the American auto industry sink and used us tax payers as an excuse.  That might have worked a little better if the republicans had not added 140 billion dollars to a $700 billion dollar bailout for people of her elk.

So the American people should let another American industrial company go up in flames; but, we had no problem finding a way to help the rich jerks on Wall Street.  Hell no.  We do not need another city to go belly up, while the republicans get to pretend that they are now being fiscally responsible?  Please, who are they kidding.

Getting them out of the White House is step one.  Getting them to be the weaker number in the senate (no more dumb pork) is step two.  Crushing them completely is step three.

I have never seen a republican party such as the one we are living under now.  I have voted republican in the past and had confidence in my choice — sorry, no, I did not vote for Bush.  But this batch of republicans have allowed the far right wing nuts just to take complete control, along with the neocons, lobbyist and special interest groups.  They are a disgrace and their leader (Bush) is a buffoon.

Carly’s word reported by Reuters:

The U.S. government can assist automakers but cannot save them and any aid should be limited so taxpayers do not become ensnared in a long-term investment in the embattled industry, an economic adviser to Republican presidential candidate John McCain said on Monday.

“I don’t think the government can rescue the industry,” Carly Fiorina, former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Corp, told Reuters at an event in suburban Detroit.

“Whatever the government does, it should not take away the fundamentals of risk-taking. Sometimes it leads to rewards and sometimes consequences, downside,” she said. “In other words, the auto industry cannot be saved from its own bad bets.”

Enough said.


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  1. I have found two to three article a day agreeing with you on the distructive force the current administration along with most of the repulican have brought to this country… here is one


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