Obama’s Assassination Plot

October 27, 2008
Daniel Cowart, 20 of Bells, Tenn.

Daniel Cowart, 20 of Bells, Tenn.

It was reported today that there were two skinheads that were planning to shoot and kill 88 blacks, decapitate 14 blacks and ultimately lead to by killing Barack Obama.

I can only hope that they throw the book at these two dumb fools.  The picture to the left is of one of the dummies.

The detectives are not saying how they found out about the plot which is probably a very smart thing, making it easier to catch any other fool that would try the same.

In court records unsealed Monday in U.S. District Court in Jackson, Tenn., federal agents said they disrupted plans to rob a gun store and target a predominantly African-American high school in a murder spree that was to begin in Tennessee. Agents said the skinheads did not identify the school by name.

Jim Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of ATF’s Nashville field office, said the two men planned to kill 88 people, including 14 African-Americans by beheading. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community.

The investigation is continuing, and more charges are possible, Cavanaugh said.

The court records say Cowart and Schlesselman also bought nylon rope and ski masks to use in a robbery or home invasion to fund their spree, during which they allegedly planned to go from state to state and kill people.

Not to say McCain had one thing to do with this despicable act; but, he is not doing any good with all the hate he, Barbie and his surrogates are promoting.  McCain’s strategy of dividing a nation to win an election, sure does say Country First.

Enough said.




  1. Yep there is a clear message to me that these sick fools are surfacing out of there holes because of the hate building around the mcSame/ barbie palin campaign of hate.

  2. Probably a couple of left wing liberals who are sacrificing themselves to become “martyrs” for the cause of the democratic party. What better way to sabotage McCain’s election. Devious bastards.

  3. davisof theherpes
    McCain and barbie are doing a good enough job at sabotage mcCains election 🙂

  4. davisoftheapes 1, you are just another idiot, allowing yourself to be blinded by right wing, left wing BS. Stupid this is one nation, not split into two or three or four. In these times we need each other. Keep following stupid and see where it gets you.

  5. No I’m not. Enough said.

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