Public Financing

October 27, 2008

How dare Obama take a pass on Public Financing and raise extraordinary amounts of money while poor McCain is stuck with such a limited sum.

This is the new dumb talking point.  It would work if we were not around for the 2000 and 2004 campaign.  But even more importantly it was McCain that took a loan in the beginning based on his participating in public financing and forced him into having no choice but to accept public finance.  Let’s not forget the 527 groups back in 2000 and 2004 which were vicious at best attacking republicans as well as democrats.  Is it Obama’s fault that the fringe and republicans don’t like McCain?  Plus Obama made his accepting the proposal based off of conversation with his opponent.  Considering what we now know about McCain he probably ignored Obama’s call.

No matter how the news stated that Obama was calling on 527s to attack McCain it never came to pass beyond what was already going on.  Hell, Karl Rove publicly announced on Fox News for 527 groups to start attacking Obama.

Both of Bush’s winning elections were ugly and filled with nothing but demonizing of his opponents, thanks to the help of 527.  What pisses McCain and the media off is that Obama had study all the disgusting strategies and refused to fall into the trap.  So now we have pundits talking about how he lied and cheated.  Duh?  What the hell is McCain doing now but lying and cheating?

Good for Obama for not allowing his self to fall prey to the same tactics that brought down so many democrat candidates.

Enough said.



  1. I do not mind the fact that Obama does not use public financing. He changed his mind about that, but that is what politicians always have done.

    But I do mind that he allows for illegal credit card donations to his campaign via his website.

  2. The real issue is below and is beyond economics, race, etc.

    If Obama says that he is a Christian he is telling you that he follows Christ. Christ is Lord and He condemns much of what Obama stands for including homosexuality and abortion. Obama is a HERETIC. In a pure sense, Obama is by definition, an antiChrist (not necessarily THE ANTICHRIST). Obama is an advocate for abortion. Obama is therefore, in a pure sense, for murder of children. Obama is also an advocate of homosexuality. Obama is therefore, in a pure sense, for the promotion of homosexuality. “For there will rise up false Christs and false prophets…” MARK 13:22. If you cast your vote for Obama, you are, in a pure sense, for murder of children and in a pure sense, promoting homosexuality. You are then, ALSO, LIABLE for THOSE SINS.

    Please Note:


    Not death on earth…

  3. After many hours of watching all of the reports on Obamas steal the wealth program I am just sick. So he wants to give our HARD HONEST EARNED money to the ones who feel they are being left out. Hmm , I say to that GO GET A JOB if you want a home if you want a better tomorrow then get out there and make it happen . The USA Government is not your money making cash cow. He has stolen parts from a list of FAILED programs that did not work when they were tried and they will only bring this Great Nation down . McCains cut the tax put more in the consumers hands will show growth to our country’s economic economy . If there is more in the taxpayers hands that will go back into sales and job markets where the tax revenue will grow as well . Reduce the government spending and increase the spending power of the US consumer then you have growth . Not giving it to individuals who have not worked towards it . We came to Oklahoma City over 12 years ago with a suitcase a duffle bag and a steamer trunk . Without STUPID IDEAS LIKE OBamas we have a new home , a nice car , good food and a future . We did the hard work to get here we made the sacrifices to have what we have and we did it without a hand out. If you want the American Dream then go EARN IT. It will taste better than being made to say PLEASE SIR I WOULD LIKE SOME MORE. I am sorry but my name is not Oliver. And by the way I am a NON Acorn registered democrat that voted for McCain. WAKE UP AMERICA AND SMELL THE MARXIST CRYBABY .

  4. If anybody wants to hand money to anybody but the big banks and insurance companies it Marxist, communism or socialism…. sorry sfokc6125 you’ve been dupe by the do anything to win, desperate fear mungering right wingers. The Bush administration just gave your hard earned dollars to the big banks and insurance companies…hello

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