McCain Stands By Joe Plumber’s Fearmongering On Israel

October 28, 2008

Now Joe the no license plumber is a politician? He now can tell us what Obama’s position is? He couldn’t even answer the question of what Obama’s position was.  What foreign policy knowledge does he have?

McCain is just down right pathetic using this un-vetted person as a mouth piece.  Even the newscaster is exasperated with Joe and his nonsense.  Joe is no more than another hoax, like McCain’s campaign worker that faked a B on her face.  This mud slinging nonsense has gone way beyond the pale.  While we’re freaking starving, losing our jobs, barely able to pay for gas for our cars, rent, mortgage, electricity, water and home heating bills this crap is what McCain is giving us?  McCain is so special that we should elect him because….?  Not in my world.  WE COME FIRST.  I am beyond sick of McCain and his monkey side shows, which is 100% absence of substance.

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  1. WOW to make a FOX News anchor baffled at Joe is saying just shows how sad and pathetic the McCain campaign is going.


  2. We need a president who puts the uS #1, #2, & #3, the hell away with Israel. That’s our problem now. The zionist influence in the country is costing us much more that just big bucks.McCain will fight Iraq, Iran and everyone else in the middle east that the Israeli govenments wants. Obama has a cool head when it comes to our “””enemies””””

  3. I am in so much agreement with both of you. Hi Heavenly, hi again gigta32. The end of this race is getting just funny. I’m telling you both, I’ve got my popcorn ready for when CNN do their documentary over what went wrong with McCain and empty headed Barbie and why they did not win. I’m sure the PBS show will be much more in depth since it will probably include the whole voter suppression strategy, Barbie going rogue, and McCain being unstable.

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