“She’s going Rogue”

These are the latest word coming out of McCain Campaign Senior Aides; anonymously, of course.
Sarah Palin

I don’t blame her for trying to get a shot at 2012. I would blame her, however, for McCain’s soon to come defeat in the polls. Most pundits would disagree with me, but I beg to differ. In my judgement, the selection of Gov. Palin has made military voters doubt McCain’s judgement and capability. It is clear that she does not have the experience to be VP; especially after not knowing what the VP’s job is. At least Joe Biden was able to answer a 5th grader that same question.

But to get back to the Diva part of my post, it seems as if she really doesn’t think they have a chance, and that should scare the “peep” out of conservatives. For example, in a speech with The View’s co-host Elizabeth Hasselback, she got off message to repair her image as “a consignment shopper” after the media got hand that the RNC spent $150,000 on her clothes.

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