The blame game

October 28, 2008

I’ve got to go to bed because it is late in New york.

How will the blame game go?  McCain’s staff (who some of came from Mitt Romney) are blaming Barbie for being a rogue.  You have other GOP defecting from the camp to support Obama, you have McCain pretending that everything is going to be alright (Meet the Press), and you got real McCain staff members pointing the finger at anyone but themselves.

Call me stupid (here’s your cue card to start writing wing nuts), but wasn’t McCain in charge?  I’m sorry people, but Obama runs his campaign and have ran it like a serious general.  There are no leaks, no back biting, no complaints (even when he was down — Google it if you don’t believe it).  Nothing.  What the hell is McCain’s problem for having a certain amount of control?  The election is not even over, why are the republicans and McCain’s camp out in force complaining to all within earshot?  When is McCain planning to take control of all this back biting?

I think I will take this as a clear sign that McCain is not the leader of his campaign or in control.

Bite me if you don’t like it.


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