West: I asked McCain tough questions.

October 28, 2008

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Barbara West was tough on McCain?  The only tough question she asked McCain was about his management style.  I am not deaf and the only thing she did was give McCain talking points for his campaign.  I got the sense the only thing Barbara offered was outlets for McCain to continue mud slinging at Obama.  She did not accuse him in any fashion, such as she did when she interviewed Biden.  You republicans can paint the picture any way you want to but calling Obama a Marxist is more painting of him being less than American.  The joke is that the GOP’s strategy does not touch the heart of Americans who just don’t care about the whole name calling game, even from dumb reporters.

If Barbara was so damn probing why didn’t she ask McCain about the racist statements coming out of his and empty headed Barbie’s audience?  Why didn’t she ask him why he plans to boost the tax cuts for the rich and major corporation when he lied and said he would keep them the same — both he and Obama are waiting for Bush’s taxes to expire, so technically both are not changing the taxes now.  Why didn’t she address McCain’s poll standing?  Why didn’t she ask him why he has not voted for GI bills.  Why didn’t she ask him what he meant about women using their health for abortion?  My list could go on and on, but what’s the point?  That B was not going to ask McCain any probing questions.  Yea I know her husband is a GOP adviser but must she be so transparent?


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