Who is Mccain fooling?

October 28, 2008

Come on, McCain is offering nothing, NOTHING!  McCain, for the past two years, have offered nothing for a solution for our problems.  What did he think?  Did he believe most us of would not focus in on his being a deregulator that aided  the housing and banking crisis to burst?  We are suppose to pretend that his tax plan that caters to the rich only, does not impact us?

McCain seems to forget that all he has ever done is call his opponent names.  Do he really think, in this economic situation, we are really listening?  It’s like he is digging in an old bag hoping we will forget we got real problems.  Even more so, why is he messing with our intelligence?

The only way McCain can pull this election out is by having an aggressive plan (no, not by saying Obama is a terrorist or I can fix it) that shows us that he has a clue on what needs to be done.  But, you know what?  McCain it is far too late for a hungry nation that needed answers weeks ago to pretend McCain gets it.  McCain have given us nothing but an erratic, questionable judgment, unstable, gaffe filled reason to reject him (not you dumb yahoos).

His selection of Barbie was a clear indication that Country First was never a real objective.

Just who the hell does McCain think he is fooling?

Enough said.


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  1. great and post, chamay0.


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