Last post of the evening: It was a rainy down on the east coast

October 29, 2008

It was a rainy day on the east coast today and McCain, who was no more than an hour away from where Obama had his campaign, cancelled it (he’s not young and should protect himself).  Obama’s rally went on as usual.  He only had 9,000 in attendance (which still supersede McBush and Barbie).  What dedication obama is exhibiting.  You can only say wow.  Here are a few pictures of that rally.

I can only say that his dedication is beyond the pale and the republican’s are kiddling me with their nonsense.  Outside of Kennedy (both) and Martin uther King we have never seen so much hope and diversity.



  1. The photos really are impressive, and certainly symbolic of the differences between McCain and Obama.

  2. I just hope that he doesn’t have the same fate.

    This country needs the guidance that King, Kennedy, and now Obama has shown us.

    Also I voted today.

    YAY for me.

    Obama 08′

  3. Oh and also I hope Obama doesn’t get sick.

    We need him.

  4. great. That dude is awesome.

  5. he looked spritely and alive. mcbush on the other hand looked tired and old. good luck with the election and vote vote vote! see you next week when i join you as a nyc resident!

  6. what exactly did both (which two do you mean?) of the Kennedys really do to help diversity?

  7. Polls is still like adding in arithmetic, just leave out some numbers and you get a wrong answer. As simple as that,

    Obama has a lot of young fans, and the fact is, they just don’t show up to vote. Sure, when they’re asked, they say they’re going to vote, but when presented with the choice of getting off the couch and turning off MTV or going to vote, they just might procrastinate their way to a McCain victory.

    Something is definitely goofy with the polls. They all show Obama up but the spread is all over the place. If Obama thought he had PA in the bag, he wouldn’t be spending time there, instead he’d be trying to pick off some states probably out of reach, but worth a shot in order to run up the popular vote tally for a mandate.I think the internals in PA have been decreasing weekly for Obama. I posted about an internal Obama poll earlier this month (and a week before the blogosphere picked it up): http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2105611/posts

    Internal polling is far more elaborate and expensive. A rag like Newsweek, apart from being biased, is not interested in paying good money to get a decent polling sample. While other rags like the CNN just lie.. MSNBC, the NY Times, etc. also do totally fabricate the news. They are also immorally fabricating the polls to maliciously suppress the Republican, Christian vote.

    The Post and ABC conduct interviews with a random selection of those who have only cellular phone service alongside a traditional random sample of those with residential phone service. One recent criticism of current polling has been that it does not accurately capture the sentiments of those who primarily use cellphones.


  8. @thenonconformer- Obama doesn’t think he has it in the bag that is why he always make it clear to people not to get too excited go and vote. He says remember New Hampshire. He was up in the polls in that area,but Hillary in the end was voted more there.

    I think McCain has more to worry about when Obama is campaigning more in Red states than Blue states.

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