Senator Feinstein: No on Prop 8

October 29, 2008

Position 8 is an offense to our moving forward.  We are one people and one nation.  It’s time we get out of other people’s bedrooms.   We have laws that protect our children from being molested from perverts; but to call two consenting adults enjoying a relationship the way they want perverts is just sick.  It is not our business to protect adults from living their sexual lives the way they want.  What is perverted is moralist calling gay people on their lifestyle.

The moralists that go around fighting gay rights have no justification.  Mormons have pumped in $25 million into opposing the bill?  What happen Christians?  In your desperate need to fight a bill you allow even those you consider cults to back your opposition?

How does what two consenting adults living their lives impact moralist?  Oh yea those people are going to hell.  Still I must ask, how is that the moralist’s problem?  We got bigger problems then what some one is doing in their bedroom!  So I can not bite this bullet of lets fight because it is decent and a good campaign strategy.  I’m not fighting over stupid.  Mind your business and leave other people alone.  Its at this point I’ve got to pull out my card to introduce myself:  JDC baby, JDC (just don’t care).

America is so sickeningly sexually represented that we have right wing nuts falling in love with empty head Barbie because she’s hot. They would put her in the white house if they could. It’s time to let people live their lives and stop repressing one self (unless you really are a pervert).  [This is dedicated to one of very best buds, love him to death and he knows I damn well mean what I say.]

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  1. We have a similar proposal here in Florida. Say No on 2!

  2. Hey Kevin if you have any video send me a link. I loved to feature it here. Just like I featured proposition 11 in South Dakota.

    I am firm over my objection regarding these type of bills. I am sick of the GOP’s strategy (with their right wing cohorts) of suppressing people’s lives.

    They have destroyed our economy and brought our nation to its knees and I should listen to them? why?

  3. I don’t have any video about it…yet. The irony of the republicans is that the want ‘less government’ but when it comes to deciding who you should have sex with, its gov gov gov. Abortion, gov gov gov.

  4. OK Chamayo, you got me started again 🙂


    Pastor Ted Haggard

    University: Oral Roberts University (1978)
    University: University of Phoenix Arlington Group
    National Association of Evangelicals President (2003-06)
    Born-Again Christian 1972
    Time Magazine 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America
    Risk Factors: Methamphetamine, Glossolalia
    Slept with: Michael Forest Jones (according to published reports)
    Gender: Male
    Religion: Born-Again Christian
    Race or Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Matter of Dispute (1)
    Occupation: Religion

    (1) Resigned from NAE after allegations that he had relations with a male whore from Denver, Mike Jones (who claims to have voicemails of Haggard’s voice). Jones told AP that the two had sex “nearly every month over three years.” In a KGO radio interview Jones stated the price was his standard rate of $200 per hookup, and that Haggard was already quite familiar with the mechanics of what they were doing. Haggard issued a denial, stating “I did not have a homosexual relationship with a man in Denver. I am steady with my wife. I’m faithful to my wife.” Paul Asay and DeeDee Correl, “Haggard Resigns National Role Amid Allegations”, Colorado Springs Gazette, 2 November 2006. A letter from Haggard to New Life Church read aloud on 5 November 2006 admitted to his “sexual immorality” but did not delve into specifics

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