The republicans are starting to look sorry

October 29, 2008

I’m watching CNN showing Barbie giving a speech where she had Joe the fake-azz plumber join her on stage.  This is very pathetic.  Who is praising Joe?  What does he have to do with the political debate?  These desperate monkey side shows of McCain’s is killing him in the polls.  Nobody but yahoos want to see Joe.  The man is an admitted liar, so why would I listen to him?  Oh, yea, Joe is suppose to represent the middle-class.  You know the ones that are problem free (Where they’re at I don’t know).

Enough said.


One comment

  1. The thing that is funny is McCain and Palin are saying that all Obama wants to do is “spread the wealth” to people who don’t pay taxes from people that do.

    HELLO that is JOE THE PLUMBER! He doesn’t pay his taxes. McCain and Palin are fight with the people they are fight against. This just shows how dump they are.

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