WVA Vote Flipping Caught on Tape

October 29, 2008

Last thought before I go to work.

These voting machines could be our greatest fears. I would not doubt that they were purchased by republicans and built per their specifications.

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  1. Obama HMM , Lets see . We dont want to answer the hard questions. We want you to follows us like SHEEP . We dont want you to see the tape . We want you to give us your HARD earned money so we can give it out to those who have not earned it. We want to raise taxes when the dollar is down. We want you to follow US LIKE SHEEP. America dont go BA BA we are not sheep . If he is so truthful then ANSWER THE HARD QUESTIONS. SHOW US THE TAPE. Bums voting with no proof of address Acorn and its fraudulent registrations. Acorn trained by Obama. Can we say flim flam man. Snake oil salesman .The DNC ha shad controll of congress for 2 years they made this mess. Dont give away this great NATION. If we do then this great Nation will pay .

  2. I think about that today as I go out to vote in a very GOP dominated county. Especially one that had GOP operatives purging ballots when Bush was ‘selected’. I can only hope my vote counts or it is more of the same b/s, nothing will change!

  3. McCain HMMMM, Let see, We don’t want you to see the hard realities, we just want you dumbed down and keep your thoughts far from any change so we can give more money to the Israeli Zionist regime, kill your sons and daughters in an illeagal war, spend your hard earned dollars in these and more wars, keep devaluing the dollar by pumping bailout plans to banks and insurance companies to hoard & spend on bonuses.

    The republican admistration has been in power for 8 years and I submit that they are the ones that have given you this mess. This might be a great nation but we are paying dearly already for the trickel down crap started by Regan and locked in by the current admistration. This nation has already been given away damn near…..

  4. The republican admistration has been in power for 8 years
    THE Democratic Party has ruled CONGRESS for the past 2 years. (get your facts correct)
    Now on to this machine…this has been proven that this ONE machine was messed up and this man is the one that needed to do work on it (which he did)

  5. So sorry, he has to be treated for medical problems. Is it not common sense that Bush has done what McCain is proposing these past 8 years? Is it not? Is it not? Then again, what Obama is proposing is the same as Bill Clinton. Then again, those were some good times for all, even Bill! Don’t stop your spam, its just another visit for Chamay0’s Blog!

  6. Hell it is not real clear what McCain is going to do to this country. He does resemble Bush but….not very consistant with his ideas. Hard to trust him flip flopping as he does…..


  7. Hi everyone,

    I am so tire of this regime I could scream. These are the same tricks they have played so many times. I hope and pray this time we get it right. I’m pretty sure Obama will remove these type of tactics.

    For the republicans to be so righteous why do they lie and practice so many dirty tricks? I’m just asking.

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