Let’s give stupid a little credit

October 30, 2008

I am completely amazed and appalled at how rampant stupid can be.  McCain has not given one message in regards to what makes him different from Bush or how he will deal with a single American issue.  I can only wonder how McCain saying he will fix it is an effective message?

You know what?  Stupid does reign in a lot of peoples lives.  Sure they try to cover it up by latching on to any of McCain’s talking points — Obama’s not ready, I don’t want to live in a socialist country, Obama is a Muslim, blah, blah, blah.  Stupid tends to forget that mud slinging does not work.  Once stupid runs out of the talking points they still can not even name one issue McCain has addressed for the betterment of our country.

When you point out that both McCain and empty headed Barbie have been pushing division and hate.  Stupid tells you that’s not true at all.  If you show stupid a video proving your point they’ll tell you those people are just a few dumb people.  Needless to say stupid is too stupid to see what’s going on or even to have notice they are championing someone that have no real interest in their welfare (unless they have the right amount of zeros in their bank account).

When stupid is told about the voter suppression they will fight and say that’s not McCain.  Which is actually funny since McCain is part of the party that is striving so hard to suppress voters.  When I remind stupid the simply fact that if McCain had a message why would he need to cheat?  Stupid gets angry and start screaming more GOP talking points.

So come on people, let’s give stupid some credit, it protects you from reality and helps you live in a bubble.



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  2. I got to use this one too on my site. Great writing.


  3. […] When I remind stupid the simply fact that if McCain had a message why would he need to cheat? Let’s give stupid a little credit […]

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