msnbc.com video: Making your vote count: Debunking the myths

October 30, 2008

Well this is surreal. The regular news actually reporting voter suppression? Oh yea. I forgot they were in the tank for Obama.  My sentiments? Thank goodness.   I am tired of voting while one party is busy taking away our rights.

I know the religious right wing, who is ever so holy, think this is acceptable in all their religious zeal.   But you know what?  We all have the right to vote for who we want.  Even the young who do not know how many senators there are or where Iran is located on a map.

I find it some what suspicious that the right wing argue over young voters having the right to vote if they don’t know enough.  Yet, in the real world we can still keep send these young people to die for dumb president’s causes (Iraq) and not even allow them to take a drink while missing a limb(s).

If the republicans want to change the age in young voters being allow to vote, then change the rule on when they are allowed to go to war and drink.  In my world you can not have it both ways.

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