Obama takes over TV

October 30, 2008

This is so comical to me.  All day long I have had to listen to how poor McCain could not compete since Obama had so much money.  Who’s fault is it that the base did not like McCain?  When Bush was running the 527s was out there in full force smearing anybody and everybody, republicans and democrats alike.

Was it our problem that the right wing base did not want McCain either?  For Bush they were out there knocking on every door promoting in strong numbers to help Bush win (although winning by stealing is not the same thing as really winning).  Are those same people doing that for McCain?  No.

McCain even put know nothing Barbie as his VP pick, trying to get the conservative base to at least come back to the fold.  Did it work?  Only for the yahoos.  Most conservatives with a brain (minus the ones who are not having hot wet dreams about Barbie) reject her lack of governmental knowledge.  Even some of the neocons have abandon ship over Barbie’s utter lack of knowledge.  True some neocons see her as a blank slate to use to rule the white house, sort of like Bush (we know how that ended for us, failure).

But now Obama has his night.  Since both McCain and Hillary denied him that right when he won the primary.  Yea he paid for it, but so what.  Obama’s infomercial was filled with different Americans talking about their personal struggle they were all feeling.  Obama took time to talk about the war, energy and building America back to the status we deserve.  It’s not that he gave something new, he message is the same as over 2 years ago.  The difference is that Obama put his message out in a more broader way, blast so to speak.  He basically told the truth on what is really going on in America with the economy, health care, energy, and education.  Those are the things we really care about.  I still have a job, but the dollar is so tight and insignificant that I am struggling with the inflation that overshadows everything.  I pay a good deal in medical coverage and still have to worry about my youngest child who has heart problems and asthma.  I do not even want to talk about Con Edison that uses every moment to go up in price.

I don’t care what the right wing nuts say on my site.  Obama is unique and have crossed the line of all race.  When I listen to McCain just sling mud my brain shuts down.  I don’t have time for that.  I need answers and neither McCain or Barbie are talking to my problems.  What I really get from Obama is that he cares.  Yes I acknowledge that he is a politician and stretch the truth, which is a damn site better than McCain who just lie constantly.

I also appreciate Joe Biden.  He got my attention (along with Gen. Clark) when Bush went to celebrate Israel’s anniversary and tried to attack Obama.  Biden came back with a little hard ball and called it what it was, BS.  Sorry McCain, I am not a right wing nut and therefore, Barbie does not move me.  Since I have a little level of comprehension her speaking skills need a whole bunch of sharpening — can she please be coherent!

I know the racist, right wing nuts, neocons and lobbyist hate what Obama represents (them dying), but there has never been anyone of Obama’s elk.  While McCain/Barbie is out there promoting hate and divisiveness you have Obama whose rallies are beyond reality.  Obama and only Obama has moved a nation.  Look at any of his rallies, 100,000, 45,000, 75,000, 80,000, 200,000 (Germany), people come out to see him because he really means that much to us and, here comes the fun part, the damn world.  I’m sorry but this is not about just electing someone to clean house.  This is also about electing someone we actually believe can help us (exception to right wing nuts, lobbyist, neocons, republicans that have not already defected).

Let’s see I give Obama 10 stars.  4 for being great, 4 for being on fire, and 2 because I am so damn happy.

PS:  My mother will kill me if I don’t say this.  Keith Olbermann if you read my blog (which I know you probably don’t) she thinks you are one handsome man.  She thinks your head is the right size and would never joke about it.  Sorry folks had to do this.  My mom reads my blogs.  She is over 70 (Hence McCain, your strategy is not working, since she currently think you are full of….).  But Keith if you fall on to this page, please know you are loved.  I love your show too, just not with my moms same love for you personally.



  1. […] He basically told the truth on what is really going on in America with the economy, health care, energy, and education . Those are the things we really care about. Obama takes over TV […]

  2. Did you notice how many white people that were in Obamas Infomercial. Who rounded up the players for this soap opera . Instead of a bunch of wealthy individuals where was the poor he wants to give our hard earned money to . Where is the underclass he keeps preachingabout. The difference between Bill Cliton and Obama is Bill C was a Governor and had the experience to run a state. Obama has not kelp his word to the people that voted him in to his seat. How can you trust the word of a who hasn’t gotten the job done he has. The big picture he is not ready . He says he will change the country but in the real world it is us who will change it. You dont have to give big brother the right to rule your life. We control congress with the voice we give them . We need less federal spending and less taxes. Not more big government and less in our pockets. We need a strong military leader not a cut and run guy. WAKE UP DONT BE SHEEP.

  3. You need to do your (and us ultimately) self a favor just vote for loser McCain and help make yourself feel better. The only sheep is you going blah, blah, blah all the time.

    The only way I can break big brothers control is to know Bush is going and McCain don’t get in.

  4. Less federal spending…. your sure as hell not gonna get that from McSame… He is promoting the same lie bush did and he had us in the red before the congress just barely went Democrat. McSame promises to kept the $10 billion dollar war going in Iraq and will probally start something in Iran. Wake from your coma sfokc6125 or go somewhere else to spread the empty lies McSame is fooling you with.

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