Phillies win the world series

October 30, 2008

I guess Obama’s infomercial did not have an impact over the baseball game.  Per McCain our economy does not rate higher thant baseball or McCain’s whining.  Remember he was whining about Obama stopping the ball game.  McCain is just too pathetic and pitiful.  the game was not schedule until 8:30 pm.  The only thing that got cut was the talking chatter of the pre-game.  I am so hurt.

Did anybody (exception to the right wing nuts and racist) stop and bother to listen to McCain’s national security tspeech?  Sorry I missed it.  McCain’s screams, hollars and whine so much that I have to give most of his speeches a pass until he speaks about real issues.  since there are only 5 (hahaha) days left I ain’t got time for BS.


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