The Polls are tighting…

October 30, 2008

This has to be one of the funniest moments that I’ve seen.  All day yesterday and some this morning the talking heads have been yammering on about the memo put out by the lying- talking-express yesterday that suggested the polls were tightening.  Really?  The source, per the talking heads, came from a pollster that made the race tighter.  Of course they had to mention that it was the only pollster that had the race so close.

To make sure of what was going on I found it necessary to check out the polls.  I could only wonder what states McCain’s camp were referring too?  It can’t be Pennsylvania or Ohio since those polls are holding steady.  It can’t be Virginia or Colorado since both those states have turned blue.  Maybe New Mexico?  No, Obama is holding that state by at least 9 points.

Now I am starting to get miffed.  Just what states are McCain’s camp alluding to?  Then it dawned on me, maybe he’s talking about the red states that are now toss ups.  Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, North Dakota, and Montana.  Well I checked those states too and they are still pretty much the same.

I did notice that another state McCain had in his pocket less than 2 weeks ago has now also become a lean.  Mississippi has now joined Arizona and South Dakota.  Maybe those are the states he is referring to as getting tighter?

Come on people we need to cut the chatter.  The polls did not do an overnight shift to make the lie that came from the McCain camp’s memo the truth.  Just go to http://www.pollster.com/polls/2008president/ to discover the truth.  That is a site that takes all polls into consideration and gives an average of were each candidate really stands.  Obama already has 272 strong to win the election and have an additional 39 that lean in his direction.  Not that I have any faith in polls, I’m only pointing out how disgustingly disingenuous McCain and his campaign have become.  And if one is wondering what could McCain say?  My answer?  Nothing.  Why bring the subject up at all?

Here’s today’s map from Pollster.

As you can see, it is not looking pretty for McCain.  More and more red states or either turning to lean states or turning up as toss ups.  Obama did what he said.  He has changed the map.

Enough said.


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