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Alaska’s Newspaper is not down with Saxby Chambliss of Georgia

November 30, 2008

I see empty headed Barbie is going to have her hands full trying to get her own Newspaper to tow the republican party line.  It seems that, an Alaskan newspaper, found Chambliss’ character some what questionable and faulted Barbie for endorsing him.

Chambliss was elected to the Senate in 2002 by running one of the most reprehensible campaigns of modern times. He was up against incumbent Democrat Sen. Max Cleland, a Vietnam War veteran who lost both legs and his right arm to a grenade during that conflict.

Chambliss avoided serving in Vietnam. He got four student draft deferments, and when his number finally came up, he was medically disqualified with knee troubles.

In the best Karl Rove fashion, Chambliss the draft-evader attacked Cleland the war hero for being soft on terrorism. Distorting Cleland’s votes about workplace rules for the new Homeland Security Department employees, Chambliss portrayed him as a tool of terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

The man who couldn’t bring himself to serve in the military said a man who left three limbs behind in war was a weakling who would turn the country over to terrorists.

Chambliss was a congressman during the 9-11 attacks. Congressional Quarterly’s “Politics in America 2006” noted that Congressman Chambliss “quipped that one route to security would be for local sheriffs to ‘arrest every Muslim that comes across the state line.’”

So there you have the fine American that Palin is trying to re-elect to the U.S. Senate.

Gov. Palin’s eldest joined the Army and has been deployed to Iraq. As a justifiably proud military mom, she might ask herself why she is using her conservative star power to support such a reprehensible Republican chicken hawk.

The Alaskan Newspaper noted Chambliss’ propensity for slimming people unwarrantly.  One gets the sense that maybe would like nothing more than to see the man defeated.

Enough said.


Kuttner: Another Great Depression A Bigger Risk Than Large Budget Deficits

November 30, 2008

Economist Kuttner takes on the task of illustrating why we need to increase our deficit in order to kick start our economy.  Its really a matter of choice.  Which do we fear most, a depression or a deficit? I’ll put depression as my number one greatest fear.

Before our economy becomes an abyss we need to start thinking in terms of getting the ball turning in a new direction and doing all that we can to avoid a depression and that is inclusive of a huge stimulus package as President Obama is proposing.

To address today’s economic crisis, Kuttner recommends a huge stimulus plan to rebuild our antiquated infrastructure and to jumpstart our new energy economy, even if that means increasing our national debt to 60% or more of GDP.

You can see the full interview here.

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Former Bush adviser: Obama’s cabinet is ‘Much less ideological than George Bush’s cabinet.’

November 30, 2008

Now why would any one believe that intellectually lazy Bush would put any one that he disagrees with in his administration?  Wouldn’t that indicate a certain amount of leadership?

Who in their right mind would want President Obama to put together another cabinet filled with ideological members? Haven’t we had enough of the intellectual lazy and ideological people of the Bush administration?

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George Will: Economic Crisis May Only Be ‘A Financial Problem, While Rest Of Economy Is Doing Rather Well’

November 30, 2008

Now there’s some wistful thinking, too bad the facts tells a different story.  I guess we can call Will’s rosy economic picture moronic musing.

Construction Industry: The construction sector is “beset by one of the biggest drops in employment in the current economic downturn” and had an unemployment rate of 10.8 percent in October.

Labor Market
: The economy lost nearly 1.2 million jobs in the first 10 months of 2008, including 240,000 jobs in October. Unemployment is now at roughly 6.5 percent.

Housing Industry
: New home sales in September 2008 were 33.1. percent lower than the same time last year. “The median price for existing homes fell by 9.0% and prices for new homes by 9.1% during the same period.” One in 11 mortgages is delinquent or in foreclosure.

Auto Industry
: The auto industry just experienced another month of “record low sales.” Recently, Detroit automakers plead with Congress for a financial rescue package in order to avoid bankruptcy.

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There goes another nutty Catholic Priest

November 30, 2008

If we think back in history there was a time of very dark and bleak days where the church participated in witch hunts.  During those days a lot of innocent people died with no way or means of denying the accusation short of death.

Once again, a catholic priest is asking us to jump back into time and go back to those evil days.  This is not the first time since the election of Obama for president that catholic priest have requested their parishioners to repent if they voted for Obama.  These particular priest want to set themselves up high on a pedestal and dictate how we live, never once allowing us to question their actions.

Parishioners of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Modesto have been told they should consider going to confession if they voted for Barack Obama, because of the president-elect’s position condoning abortion.

It is bad enough that the catholic church is injecting themselves, again, in people’s personal lives but one must ask the obvious question, have they ridden themselves of their own sin of sexual child abuse?

“If you are one of the 54 percent of Catholics who voted for a pro-abortion candidate, you were clear on his position and you knew the gravity of the question, I urge you to go to confession before receiving communion. Don’t risk losing your state of grace by receiving sacrilegiously,” the Rev. Joseph Illo, pastor of St. Joseph’s, wrote in a letter dated Nov. 21.

The letter was sent to more than 15,000 members of the St. Joseph’s parish. It is one of 34 parishes in the Stockton Diocese, which has more than 200,000 members in Stanislaus, San Joaquin and four other counties.

The catholic church is taking on an issue that really does not concern them.  To date the only substitute they offer to decrease pregnancy is to offer abstinence from sex.  We all know how well that has worked.  Not at all.  Since using a contraception is also a sin the catholic church leave very little room for combating a serious problem that is taking place in current times.

The Church, and its fundamentalist Protestant allies, label themselves “pro-life.” But they demonstrate a willingness to allow all life on this planet to be extinguished before they will back down from what they have chosen to interpret for the rest of us as an eternal law of God.

I digress,  I doubt seriously that catholics voted for Obama solely based on his abortion stance.  It is time to question the catholic church’s decision making process.  This concept of voting for Obama and your soul will be in peril leaves the door open to assume that Bush was godly?  Thus for the good of the catholic church we should allow our country to slide further into destruction?

I am not even going to pretend that the catholic church have the right to dare tell me my soul is at peril based on how I voted.  Is the catholic church’s soul in peril for the rampant child molestation that has taken place?  The catholic church would have me risk my nation further by electing a babbling, intellectually lazy and clinically unhinged Sarah Palin?  There is a good reason why government and religion are separated (until Bush).  Religion can lead to making irrational decisions.

That these pompous blowhards are forever seeking glory by grand standing on a principle that lacks scruples and is categorically appalling; it is with gratitude that I acknowledge that their are real priest out there concerning themselves with spreading the word and not imposing irrational logic on how people vote.

But the Most Rev. Stephen Blaire, bishop of the Stockton, Calif., Diocese, said he disagrees with Illo. He said Catholics should not feel compelled to disclose how they voted to their priest.

Blaire said Catholics who carefully weighed many issues and settled on a candidate, such as Obama, who was supportive of abortion rights, were not in need of confession. He said confession would be necessary “only if someone voted for a pro-abortion or pro-choice candidate — if that’s the reason you voted for them.”

In conclusion let me just tell the pro-lifers to bring it and oh yea, bite me.


Jindal? What the heck, somebody go get Sarah quick!

November 30, 2008

bobby-jindal-large1You know the republicans defeat is still fresh in their minds and they are still looking for their next leader.  A poll, not too long ago, showed that empty headed Barbie was the GOP’s favorite by 64%.  But that poll was based off of the American people that associate with being called republicans (a lot of fringe Americans), not the politicians.

Meanwhile, others around the country were talking him up. No less an aspiring kingmaker than Steve Schmidt, the chief strategist of McCain’s failed presidential bid, sees Jindal as the Republican Party’s destiny. “The question is not whether he’ll be president, but when he’ll be president, because he will be elected someday.” The anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist believes, too, that Jindal is a certainty to occupy the White House, and conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh has described him as “the next Ronald Reagan.”

Okay, so currently the only endorsements Jindal is receiving is from the likes of Steve Schmidt (McCain’s strategist, loser), Rush Limbaugh and Noquist (right wing nuts).  Not a ringing endorsement.  I guess in the next 4 to 8 years they hope to talk the people up into believing Jindal is the ONE.  Presumably that will work hand and hand with the GOP politicians deciding who will be their Obama?  Strange as it seems they do not have an interest in someone being different other than racially.  they have not yet injected how they will be more tolerant and less divisive.  Jindal would be a more positive face for the republican party but if they box him in to being just a prophet of a right wing nuts agenda it will not work.

I’ve listen to Jindal and found him to be reasonable and thus far sane.  He seems more focused on the real issues of our time.  I will not lie, if he ran for president and tried to push anti-abortion or any other right wing nut agenda down my throat then my feelings would change rapidly.

If the republicans allow Jindal to be progressive without being condescending it could work.  Even McCain might have made the election more closer if he had remained a maverick and not caved to the right wing nuts agenda (Kristol, Hanity, O’Reilly and et. al).  Nevertheless, some one needs to call Barbie and tell her that her party is trying to faze her out of the big picture.

Last weekend, 18 days after Barack Obama decisively defeated their candidate for president, a mostly Republican crowd of self-described conservatives received their first introduction to someone many prominent members of the GOP think could be the party’s own version of Obama.

Like the president-elect, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is young (37), accomplished (a Rhodes scholar) and, as the son of Indian immigrants, someone familiar with breaking racial and cultural barriers. He came to Iowa to deliver a pair of speeches, and his mere presence ignited talk that the 2012 presidential campaign has begun here, if coyly. Already, a fierce fight is looming between him and other Republicans — former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who arrived in Iowa a couple of days before him, and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who is said to be coming at some point — for the hearts of social conservatives.

This is suppose to be Barbie’s big chance to come back strong.  Never mind that currently she lacks decorum, intellect and coherency.  She’s planning on coming back strong (I guess).  The republican politicians should not be counting her out.  The fringe loves her.  The big question is how will they feel about Jindal?  He is clearly not their usual type (color?) candidate.  Will they turn him into a Muslim?  Progressive?  Anti-American?  Just like they did President Obama?  Will age be enough?

“The Republicans really have no choice except to look at some people more youthful if they want to have a better chance of winning,” said Betty E. Johnson, an independent and the wife of a Cedar Rapids pastor, who voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 but who went for Obama over 72-year-old John McCain. “I liked Obama’s energy and hope. I don’t know, but maybe a younger person would give Republicans a feeling of more energy, openness.”

How does the republicans plan to eradicate the racist factor of their group?  Will Jindal be enough for the other minorities to say okay?  I mean come on, their connection with the fringe is still very painful and divisive.

It does not change the fact that I currently like Jindal.  But if and when the GOP machine starts up with the slime, will I still like him then?  Is the GOP only using Jindal for color against color?  I hope not, that would be unacceptable.

Could Jindal become the next president in 2012?  No.  Unless President Obama turns into a Black Bush, which I do not foresee happening.  Jindal 2016?  Maybe, but only if the republican party finds a way to include all the ethnic groups (including gays) and how all ethnic groups feel about the world, minus the right wing nuts perspective.

Enough said.


Post Last Post: Leader Elect

November 30, 2008


Enough said.