Last Post: Freedom

November 1, 2008

I know, normally I do not feature any of McCain’s ads on my site; but, this final one had to be put on spotlight. This ad is pathetic. After all the mud slinging, divisiveness, hate and just plain Obama character assassination, I should give this BS a thought? What incest me the most is McCain reaching for that POW card and experience. How dare he reach for honor and experience now!  I should forget that Barbie is your partner? Ops there goes experience. The POW card is beyond played out. You’ve played it way too hard. Unless you mean that any POW should be president than cut it the F-out. Every body knows that you have held Obama in contempt and we also know why. You, McCain, represent all that is done and finished in the past and Obama represents the future.

I know McCain had hopes that Barbie would bring him the conservative base and the young factor and she did. If McCain had took the time to vet her he would have known she was not ready and could not bring any thing beyond the base. I may call her empty headed Barbie but it’s only because she could have said no. But you McCain are the one I am looking at and I am beyond disappointment.  McCain have failed as he’s lurched from topic to topic and obsessed over Obama while giving the American people nothing to offer us a change.  But  yet McCain selected the ambitious empty headed know nothing can’t retain real facts Barbie out there always on the verge of inciting a riot.

You sir,McCain, are despicable.

Freedom = F##k you in my world.

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