Morning Joe Madness

November 1, 2008

Morning Joe has been on and is almost over.  What’s today’s message?  Why the persecution of  McCain and Barbie by the media.  Pat Buchanan is nearly in tears on how much the media is dissing his love.  Joe is just beside himself on getting the truth out there that Barbie has been vilified from the beginning and the media has been on the attack since the time when McCain was 2pts ahead.  Everyone (but the guest panel) is just in an uproar and, lo and behold, Joe has a report to prove that the media has been mean to McCain and Barbie, while sucking up to Obama.  Of course any attempt by the guest panel to tell Joe or Pat that their facts might be screwed up, they get shot down for being wrong especially for not accepting Joe and Pat’s flawed logic.

This information coming from honest people such as Joe and Pat really saddens my heart.  How could the media be so unfair and bias?  How dare the media point out any of Barbie’s incendiary rallies or show the racist hatred of some of her audience.  Both Barbie and McCain should be able to lie to the American people and no one the wiser.  What right do the media have to point out that McCain and Barbie call people radicals or divide the nation by saying their is two Americas.  I’m just so ashamed of how poorly the media has been doing their jobs.

Well for all you hurt souls I have a suggestion that should make all well, fair and equal.  Turn to Fox News to ease the pain.  From morning straight through the night they do nothing more then demonize, vilify, slander, insult, promote lies, demean, and mischaracterize Obama daily and that should bring some easing of the pain of the unfairness of the media.  If you need more insults and constant victimization of Obama go on line and read either the Wall Street Journal or The New York Post.  They too spend a healthy amount of their time promoting hate, lies, misquotes, and character assassination.



  1. Unlike you, when you opine about John and Sarah, right?

  2. […] nearly in tears on how much the media is dissing his love. Joe is just beside himself on getting Read More|||One of the snotty a-holes on the Morning Joe show went into Manhattan in McCain gear and got the […]

  3. davisoftheherpes is back with his empty arguing just like his buddies McCain and Palin. McCain has no substance other than the continuation of the Iraq war and Bush’s economic disaster. Other than that all he wants to do is level rumors and lies about Obama.

  4. Empty arguing? I wonder, Gigita. Do you just “refuse” to take a look at an alternative point of view, or are you not capable?

  5. Neither of the two davis

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