Joe the Plumber Questions Obama’s Loyalty to the U.S.

November 2, 2008

Now let me see if I’ve got the irony of McCain’s campaign straight:

  1. Joe is not the guys real name;
  2. he does not make over $250,000 — so he would benefit from Obama’s tax plan; and
  3. he has no license to be a plumber;

but he has now been elevated to spokesperson for McCain?  I’m sorry but this so sorry.  McCain has not given one reason why or how he will be different from Bush; nor, has McCain given one answer on how he will fix our economic situation (check out his web site) and take us into the future. Yet, now I must listen to Joe the liar spouting unsubstantiated character assassination.  Smooth McCain. Keep shoveling the American people nothing.  I got your fight, fight, fight.  Let’s just add some words, fight the same, fight the same, fight the same.

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One comment

  1. Just like Caribou Barbie is governor of the country’s largest WELFARE state! Alaskans receive the stipend checks because their bills are too high…or that’s where the idea began.

    I feel sorry for those people. They finally get some relief from their government (gas is $10 a gal in the remotest areas) and she hands them over to McPimp and the Republican party.

    Get ready to say “peace out” to that dividend check Alaska!

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