Missouri for Obama

November 2, 2008

Let the video show the myth of the Bradley effect. It is nothing more than the talking heads on cable needing a reason to fill up 24 hours of reporting, trying to mix it up because it is basically the same crap being reported over and over. Yes, there are racist that will not vote for Obama, but there is no Bradley effect.

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  1. Now lets look an THINK America. Obama and Bidon has called this great NATION Black or White because there is no difference WE ARE ALL AMERICANS. They have called ALL AMERICANS Selfish , Unpatriotic , unless we vote for him.WRONG The first place your voice ether way is REAL AMERICAN. He has proven ties to both domestic and foreign terrorists. Has never served this nations armed forces. Has 90% tardiness record with his currant job as a Senator. The spread the wealth crap and it is crap.In a slow economy you DONT SPEND MORE AND YOU DONT RAISE TAXES. Lower taxes and less spending brings the dollar up it creates jobs. More jobs is more revenue , This also puts AMERICA Back on top in the World economy. The milatary will not follow a leader that has no sence of what VICTORY means to the COUNTRY. Dont let him lower your chance at having the AMERICAN DREAM.If you get the money from his welfare share the wealth plan then you become the one who then pays 50 % and you dont grow you become the back that HIS PARTY GETS RICH. So you never grow but the democrats get your money .WAKE UP WE ARE ONE NATION , We NEED A PROVEN LEADER THAT SEEs AMERICA , NOT DEMOCRATS NOT REPULICANS BUT AMERICANS. John McCain has crossed isle moretimes then Obama has been in the senate. A leader never uses guilt to get vote. I voted my belief not by party, I AM A AMERICAN AND YOU CANT USE GUILT TO CHANGE MY MIND. IT IS MY VOICE AND MY VOTE.

  2. I think you are starting to slide into the rabbit hole. What planet are you living on? If you think my blog is for the sole purpose of changing your mind then you are slightly crazy. This is mainly a blog spot for Obama supporters to share stories.

    This seems to be something you are completely misunderstanding about my blog. This is a blog where I, who own the blog, have the right to speak my mind and do not have to take in consideration what McCain lovers, right wing nuts, neocons or conservatives feel about it. Hence, your alluding to some one trying to trick you is obviously part of your delusion.

    Please understand, I allow others with different view points only because I am not a bigot or racist. Indeed, I have enjoyed barter with other points of view without it dissolving into accusation of me committing any mind control. Although I do not agree with some of the comments, I see no reason for them not to be able to interject their point of view. That is something adults do — debate. Although I do sometime wonder why the McCain lovers/right wing nuts hang out at my web site, as long as it stays civil its quite alright.

    However, I do demand a certain amount of civility. If you comment again that I or any of my readers are out to “use guilt” to persuade your vote again, which is very insulting and a typical GOP hate mongering strategy, I will have to start disallowing your comments. I have no problem with your devotion to McCain which is perfectly acceptable and completely your choice. Just do not ever accuse me (or my readers) ever again; especially since you do not even know me, much less my readers.

    Please note if any of my readers attack you in kind, you are well deserving of their contempt.


  3. […] simmer and boil into a complete rant.   The following is from sfokc6125 from a post entitled Missouri for Obama.  I know some of you might have saw this coming from sfokc6125.  I knew he/she was slowly on a […]

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