Old, tired, dated and just outright stupid

November 2, 2008

You would think after all these many months that the GOP, as well as McCain would have gotten the message that the American people are not interested in the personal attacks.  That strategy is a loser and have not won the day yet.  Karl Rove’s strategy is dead and not cutting it in the 21st century.  Even McCain’s surrogates are starting to sound sick and crazy with their attempts at trying to continue singling the mud.

I know McCain’s campaign decided that they were not going to talk to us about the issues but instead make the campaign a referendum on Obama.  Another stupid strategy; especially, with Barbie in the picture.  But now here they all go boarding the train to nowhere and shoveling the crap as the train travel through the nation with more and more character assassinations of Obama.

  • McCain is once again attacking Obama’s patriotism (old, tired, dated and lame).
  • The GOP have fliers out in Virginia stating Obama is a friend of criminal (pitiful).  They also have a flier in Pennsylvania suggesting voting for Obama would lead to a second holocaust (pathetic).  There is also a flier making the rounds trying to tie Obama to lobbyist, taxes and socialism (just pitiful, lame and desperate)
  • House GOP calls Obama Chicken shit (well this will give us all a reason to be fearful).
  • Regional McCain manager denies Obama’s citizenship (good grief these people are sorry).
  • Conservative group to run Rev. Wright ads in three battleground states up until election (back to old, tired, dated and lame).
  • Mysteriously a report that could only come from the federal government is released that Obama’s aunt is in the country illegally (this sounds like Bush trying to help McCain out; but, who cares about the story?  More tired, lame and pathetic).

You can read the full story here.

Enough said.


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