What about that early voter turn out?

November 2, 2008

I listened to some chatter from the talking heads last night and this morning, including Rachel Maddow last night, that gave doubts about the voter turn out; especially the young.  Surprise, surprise the voters are turning out.  I believe it have a lot to do with Barack Obama and not wanting their vote to be cheated.  No matter your color, everybody knows that the republican party practice voter suppression and have for the past 8 years forced us to accept who they want.  But not this time.  Oh hell no, not this damn time.

Voter turnout will be the highest in decades, dwarfing recent presidential elections, experts predict. The only question dividing experts is how huge will it be. Will it be the largest since 1968, largest since 1960 or even, as one expert predicts, the largest in a century? Soaring early voting levels hint at a big turnout, but that could just be the same voters casting ballots earlier instead of more voters hitting the polls. Weather should generally be favorable, according to forecasts.

What early voting numbers mean and how much of the youth and Hispanic votes turn out are the big factors political scientists look at when trying to predict how many eligible Americans will vote.

Michael McDonald of George Mason University is so optimistic he’s predicting the highest level in a century.

“We’re going to definitely beat the turnout rate in 2004, the question is by how much,” McDonald said. “We have a chance to beat the 1960 turnout rate.”

“It’s not just an election of a generation, it’s an election of generations with an ‘s’,” McDonald said Friday.

He’s not alone. The dean of voting turnout predictions, Curtis Gans, director of the nonpartisan Committee for the Study of the American Electorate at American University, this week amped up his turnout forecast. Initially he said it would be around 2004 levels, but now he is looking at a turnout that would be the highest since 1960.

“It’s driven by 90 percent of the American people thinking the country is on the wrong track,” Gans said Friday. “The only question is how many Republicans are not going to show up.”

Now they do not have the full information on all the ages to know whether it is a lot of young people since different states have different rules on what they can divulge.  Nevertheless, the vote is being rocked.

But I think this weekend is going to be a blast.  Let us rock this vote and let them know that we are out to crush them and absolutely nothing less but the total death of intolerance.


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