Last time listening to McCain

November 3, 2008

I’m listening to McCain for the final time, in my world, waiting to see if he has a moment of zen and wake up to providing substance.  He’s saying plenty but so far has not offered any details on how he plans to do anything.  He is speaking in great length of what we can not do, but no information on how we can do it otherwise.

McCain reminds me of a cheerleader.  You know someone that only screams rah, rah, rah and never have to play the game.  He is now taking questions.  Of course the room is filled with McCain supporters so I do not envision anyone asking for any substance.  Oh goody he was asked an economic questions in relation to people who have lost revenues from the stock market and how will their filing of tax returns impact the government?  Did he really answer it with substance?  No.  He launched into how we have to look at every program and eliminate agencies.  Talk about getting off point.  Okay grandpa, now let the young man (Obama) go do his job.

I’m glad McCain still have pockets of people that still want to cheer him.  I do not really want to see him being alienated.  At this moment I’m just a bleeding heart liberal (to my boy Chris, that was to you).  Next question.  Securing the border.  Sorry this is not top priority on my list.  They are already building a damn fence (probably electric) so this question is almost mote.  I see no real point of the question except to allow McCain to spout further BS mostly off the subject.

I’m probably going to give up listening to the McCain hour of talking with no plans.  I don’t care what the yahoos say.  I need meat on the table.  Fight, fight, fight and I’m going to fix it don’t make me feel sh#t inside.  Of course since I am an elitist, per McCain and Barbie.  I guess my standards of providing me with real information is just to high of a bar for McCain to reach.

Next question: clean coal technology.  Will he allow coal minds to be built with the proper technology to insure the decrease of the output of toxin?  Well McCain can not say he will provide that; but, he will in the future — what after we’re dead?  Well that’s good enough for his audience.  Now he’s giving his speech about building nuclear plants (at least 45 to 50).  I guess he’ll build those without precautions as well?

Next question giving credit for green technology, what kind would he provide?  Okay, another we need time.  Kind he would provide?  Who the hell knows since he never said.  Obviously this was a launch pad for him to go off on what Obama is doing wrong.

What does he plan to do to help students in this current economic climate?  Lo and behold, a non-answer again.  Yes he launched into his infamous we got to fix it speech.

Enough.  I’m done.  I am not stupid enough to be comforted by platitudes.  Either he has a real plan or he does not.  This is why Obama is up in the polls over him.  He speaks but still manages to say nothing.  Sort of like his web site.

Enough said.


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