Call me crazy, but…

November 4, 2008

Who lied and told McCain running his stupid ads would do anything more than piss us New Yorker’s off?  We can not tolerate McCain or his party.  Those of us that have TiVo, DVR or cable on demand just pause that crap and when sufficient time has elapsed fast forward.

This is totally the wrong state to be running that nonsense.  Yes there are plenty of us that have low education — mostly in the minority population so that is not a winner for McCain.  I am glad this will be over after tomorrow so I do not have to get a glimpse of McCain’s filthy strategy.  McCain had only one real goal and that was to prove to us elitist — per McCain and empty headed Barbie — that he had a handle on our issues.  Well the verdict is in and he failed terribly.

McCain is done, cooked, baked, and finished.  I don’t know what fool told him that in a state that he is down by at least 25 points he should be sending this simply message — I hate Obama and I need you to hate Obama and this is the reasons why ___________ (fill in the blank, he’s a terrorist lover, he spreads the wealth, he’s a socialist, he will cause the second Holocaust, he’s a baby killer, he’s a radical, blah, blah, blah).

Message to McCain:  wrong state fool.  It is and have always been about the economy stupid!

Enough said.


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