Last Post of the night: What If Obama Had Done What McCain Did This Election? Special (Campaign) Comment

November 4, 2008

Sorry folks but I have to go to bed early to get up and go vote before I go to work.  But, I wanted to share my final post of the night looking at what if Obama said or acted like McCain.  How would we be viewing Obama had that been the case?

This is a final comment I can appreciate. I really got ticked off by the double standard that the liberal media let go when it comes to McCain.   McCain has offered us a ton of gaffes.  Yes some I would classify as innocent; but he has given a bucket’s worth that are chilling.  If it was Obama doing this we in America would be unforgiving.  If Obama had been as erratic and lurching during the beginning of the economic meltdown he would have been so done.   What if Obama had refused to discuss the issues? Or, suspended his campaign?  The fact that the yahoos find this acceptable is mind boggling; or they are just beyond stupid.  So why some of us giving McCain a pass for this same unacceptable behavior.

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