Obama loses his toot

November 4, 2008

It was reported today that Obama’s grandmother died on Sunday after a long battle with cancer.  I just watched Obama give a rally speech in Charlotte, NC.  It was very visible to see his pain.  In fact I believe he wiped tears off his face at least twice.  You could also hear it in his voice.  He choose to continue to go on to the pre-planned rally but you could see he was hurting.

My heart goes out to Obama over his lost.  Both his mother and father are deceased and now, as well, his grandfather and grandmother on his mother side.

Not that I have any expectations of the GOP offering him any condolences.  No they will continue with smears — goodness know since getting home I have already seen 3 or 4 of their disgraceful ads.  Why don’t they just call him a Black Panther and be done with it.

Enough said.

UPDATE:  Here’s Obama sharing his pain with the world.  Yes, I felt his pain deeply.


One comment

  1. shhh that would be racist. It’s a shame that she will miss Barack becoming President Elect by a day. The good news is he probably already told her in private that it was actually going to happen a week ago. Peace and love,


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