Why Barbie?

November 4, 2008

I had my moment of zen and this thought crossed my mind.  Yes, I know I should be in bed going to sleep to get up early to vote and I will after this.

McCain did not pick Barbie because she had any real political skill.  He picked Barbie because of his jealousy.  McCain picked Barbie with the greatest wish she would be his rock star, as he felt Obama was.  Yes, Barbie is loved by the base, but only one side of the base which is made up of three parts (neocons, intellectual conservative and religious conservatives).  Barbie did her job.  She brought the religious (which is inclusive of yahoos) base to McCain’s camp.  That’s why she easily gets crowds of 5 to 10 thousands people.

But she was never the solution to McCain’s real problem.  Jealousy.  Obama is not a rock star.  He is a people magnet.  He taps into what we all are yearning for.  A Change.  Obama do not get 200,000 thousands people because we have nothing better to do but go watch a novelty act.  Hell that’s why we have TiVo.  McCain was missing the human factor and what it is that we were in need of.   We needed answers and McCain avoided answering us like the plague.

Why is McCain losing?  Please do not accuse empty headed Barbie.  She was just willing to be a pawn for her own blind ambition and I can’t fault her for that.  She is out there now on the stump repeating stupid GOP talking points with zest and zeal.  True, if she had a clue she would challenge some of the more explosive points given to her as talking points by making sure they would not back fire.  Yet, we all know that she is not a real politician.  This has nothing to do with her hanging with the elite.  She could have educated herself better.  But what the heck.  It is what it is.

McCain was jealous and looking for a way to steal Obama’s thunder.  But McCain is out of touch and never understood Obama’s appeal.  We do not worship Obama.  He is not our God or the chosen one.  He gives answers and talks in terms of bringing us together.  He is not out there on the stump assassinating McCain’s character.  He is out there only talking about turning the page and how McCain is no different than Bush.

Enough said.



  1. I thought the Change was partially about no longer throwing insults like “empty headed Barbie”.

  2. @spiderperson- That starts when Obama is elected President, which will happen tomorrow. 😀

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