The world reacts to Obama’s election

November 5, 2008

chinadailyAs I’ve stated in the past, the whole world was waiting for Obama’s election.  See more pictures (where I helped myself to these photos) your self here.  It is an awesome site to see.  The world is so happy that even Al Quada wants to sit down and negotiate with the new president.  I know some will not like this, but McCain — who was very gracious after his lost — could not have achieved that fete by just winning the election.  So many wonder why there was no message from Osama Bin Laden, now we know why.  He, like the rest of the world, was waiting for Obama to be declared the winner.  No matter how the yahoos of America cling to their racism with passion or the GOP debate center right, the rest of us (including the rest of the world) are at peace.  Although I’m sure we will be listening to how the GOP has lost its way, I for one can only say:  who cares anyway?  Some of them are lucky to still have a job.

elpaisBut it is fun to watch the liberal bias media (yea right) parade one right wing nut after the other.  I’ve heard Regan’s name so much you would think the man was still alive.  It’s as if watergate never happened.  the GOP’s cry for existence seems to be let’s call out our worst criminal as the standard of who we should be.  Boy is this a sad day for the GOP.  They still can’t get it.  It was never about Obama.  It was never about race.  It was never about the left, right, center right or center left.  IT WAS ABOUT US! Obama was only the vehicle that brought that message home for us.  Us is inclusive of the right, left, center, young, old, poor, rich, middle class, Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, all nationalities and all religions.

jeruspostLast statement on this topic.  The GOP needs to stop trying to blame Palin (see no more empty headed Barbie) for their lost.  She did her job and excited the yahoos as was to be expected.  McCain’s camp knew she was not being picked for her political acumen.  She came from obscurity and excited the extreme religious.  It’s not her fault there are not enough of those type of people.  No, the blame is the GOP’s and McCain’s.  They reached into their usual bag of dirt and thought it still had steam.  Steve Schmidt thought that Lee Atwater and Karl Rove’s tactics could still live on.  Well guess what?  They were so damn wrong.  In Palin’s defense, they should have known what they were getting.


Enough said.



  1. Congratulations. I, as one of the extreme Right wing am waiting to see what happens. p.s. Reagan didn’t have anything to do with Watergate.

  2. The World’s response is one reason I crossed the line and voted for President O’bama…

    Many people either don’t care, or are ignorant to how the rest of the World is coming to view our country. And like it or not, we are not an island unto ourselves, much as many would like to think we CAN be… but alas we can not.

    We are a nation of many peoples, all refugees, or in many cases “forced emmigration” slave decendents. I am proud of the message our nation sent to the rest of the World, and I think they heard it. We’re much more than the war mongering, nation invading, murderous nation that many have come to see us as around the World.

    I am very pleased that we have elected a man that truly thinks before he acts, has surrounded himself with intelligence (so far), and appears to have the steady hand we need.

    I think many underestimated what he, and many other blacks have come through, and continue to come through, in order to succeed. I have seen it first hand. I only wish Rosa Parks could have lived a few more years…

    This nation has come so far in even…50 years, and I’m so positive about what the next four can yield for our nation, around the world.

    I hope our brothers and sisters across the isle will reach across, and hold hands as one nation. Without every single one of us…the poor, the rich, the homeless, the divorced, the widowed, the married, indian, all races, colors, nationalities coming together to accomplish one thing…make this nation the great nation is can be again…


  3. Congrats Barack!

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