Pundits Say Obama Ran A ‘Center-Right’ Campaign

November 6, 2008

I wonder if the conservatives are taking Valiums to make it through the day? It must hurt hard not to be able to believe that our country is not center right.  Since Obama has been elected this is all you hear from every talking head.

I wonder if they believe if they say it enough we will magically be center right? Sorry, no. That crap is only good for the fringe and the religious nuts. Obama ran on a progressive platform. Remember socialist?  Threat to our country because he was a radical?  You center right people called him that stuff repeatedly. Don’t change your minds now.  That’s why we voted for him.

Obama will probably govern more from the center to reach out to all people, but he will not be afraid to go to the left when ever he needs to. Sorry Karl Rove and all your talking head friends, It can not be all about the right. They had their time and they damn near destroyed us.  But, you know, far be it for me to deny these fools their delusions.

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One comment


    Wait I thought they thought that Obama was the MOST liberal Democrat all the way to the left?

    I wish these fake pundits make of their minds…….oh wait a minute these are the same people that was helping McCain with his campaign. I see why he lost.

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