Ralph Nader Asks: Obama – Uncle Sam Or Uncle Tom?

November 6, 2008

Two things going on here folks.

  1. I never knew Ralph Nader was such a prick and not just any prick but a dumb f#@king prick.
  2. Fox Fake News defending Obama?

Okay, I’ll admit this anchor has been Obama’s champion at Fox for quite some time. I can only wonder when they will lynch him for his obvious defections from the true cause of right wing praise.

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  1. I see that racist thoughts and sayings don’t just come out of the mouths of Republicans?

    To Nader-Ralph Nader you are a bitter old man. See you in the next 4 years when you run another pitiful campaign.

  2. Not racist at all, but rather a challenge for Obama to fight for the cause of the poor instead of being another politician subservient to the huge companies run largely by extremely rich white men. Its Naders way of saying “Keep it real” even though he knows Obama can’t and won’t. Watch and see whose interests are protected by Obama, watch and see what he does to restore our civil liberties after 8 bush years, watch him participate in the taxpayer bailout that the public screamed against.

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