Who the hell is the Wall Street Journal kidding?

November 6, 2008

It was very nice of the WSJ to congratulate Obama on his win.  Yet, I am aware that the WSJ, along with the Post and all the Fox network news shows and talk shows have run a vicious, smear leaden campaign against Obama since he won the primary.  But today I read their long congratulation and found more than just the usual banal BS.  I found the WSJ had the nerve to ask Obama to make a promise:

…and now we will have a President. One promise of his victory is that perhaps we can put to rest the myth of racism as a barrier to achievement in this splendid country.  Mr. Obama has a special obligation to help do so.

Of course my head nearly exploded when I read those two sentences.  WTF?  So now the WSJ wants Obama to bring us together but act like what is going on is not happening and its a myth?  I’m only amazed that they did not somehow work in the myth of the existence of gays.  This same newspaper who has written divisive articles every other day now wants the world to believe hateful racism doesn’t exist.  I guess they failed to catch any of Palin rallies where ugly racism became the norm.  Or maybe in the WSJ world that was not racism but passionate people expressing their right to speak freely?  Please.

Enough said.


One comment

  1. @chamay0- I think all the McCain supporters think that today is a free pass day for them to talk out of their asses.

    Just face it you guys McCain lost because he doesn’t know how to run a campaign or should I say LEAD a campaign to victory.

    Thank God there where only a few you guys because if the election went the other way around this country would have been doomed.

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