Fox contributor mocks black reporter’s tears during Obama win

November 7, 2008

We can always leave it to Fox Fake New to find new and improved way to reach the lowest depths. Some one have a moment of celebration over Obama’s election and these conservative jerks can only jeer and sneer?

Then they have the nerve to talk about watching Obama do his job.  Please.  This is the same station that turned a blind eye on what Bush was doing for at least 6 or 7 of his years as president as he slowly destroyed our county and now they are watching Obama? Talk about being a sleep at the wheel.  Beside, once again they are not on message and forgot that the new Obama strategy, as per the conservatives, that he is center right.

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  1. I am sorry this WILL sound racist.

    This is why I can’t stand SOME white people.

    Fake News and conservatives get ON MY DAMN NERVES!

    F*ck those mothef*ckers.

    Sorry chamay0

  2. Bunch of sick white people lack gray matter, they just can’t stop the hating. I assume since they are truley exposed as losers it will only get worst. I’m with ya, f^#k em

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