FOX steps up attacks on so-called liberal media – baselessly

November 7, 2008

Yes the liberal media strikes again and we the zombie like public sucked it up and felt so strongly about believing the mainstream media that we all went out and voted for Obama resoundingly.

It’s hard to be a loser like Fox Fake News. They just keep crying and crying about the wrong that some body has done to them.  Mind you it’s okay that Fox is in the tank for the GOP.  It was okay for them to turn a blind eye on the corruption and constitution ignoring going on in the white house.  It was okay for McCain to run a dirty, despicable, lying, insulting and dishonorable campaign — with their help.  Let me get this straight, McCain should have gotten positive stories from the bias liberal media because…?  What were they going to write?  Today McCain’s camp just put out an ad stating that Obama was un-American and paling around with terrorist, but it was tastefully done?

If Fox Fake News think anyone really believe that the other papers are going to go out of business because they were bias towards Obama some body is smoking something on Fox News.  Probably sour grapes.

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