Joe the Plumber was on Welfare

November 7, 2008

Before I write my last post let’s put McCain’s new ex-spokesperson on the map one more time. It’s time to listen to Joe justify some of his BS.  Joe is, like empty headed Barbie, the gift that just keeps on giving.  Welfare Joe, not once but twice?  Okay I get it.  It was okay for your family to take from the government but you don’t want the government taking from you.  Even though based on your income you will be receiving money from Obama’s tax plan.  If nothing else Joe is riding his 15 minutes of fame into a blaze of glory.

I have one major question to the public at large.  Will any of us really remember this guy?

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  1. Joe or Samuel is symbol for jackasses all over the world.

    Dude was on welfare and is complaining that Obama wants to “spread the wealth” is wrong.

    I hope he falls just like Palin is doing now.

  2. At one time, I recieved $74 in foodstamps for two consecutive months. My pride was so wounded by receiveing that welfare that I got my ass in gear and figured out to earn money for my children-FAST.
    I don’t have a problem with the government helping disabled people, or giving able bodied people a “hand-UP”, but I have a BIG problem with the government enabling people to make receiving government aid a career.
    My mother manages a restaurant. I am amazed at the amount of money that the government gives people(my mother’s employees) in “tax refunds”!!! They are not paying income tax, and yet they are getting a REFUND? What is wrong with this picture? I’ve seen people getting checks for as much as $9,000! I make a 5 figure wage, am self employed, have 4 children at home, and have to send the IRS a big fact check every year. Now Obama wants to give them more????? How is this fair?

  3. I’ve heard of people getting welfare, but I have never heard of the IRS giving a damn sole free money. Not in my life time. Lucia, you’ve really got to run that one by in a structure pattern with specifics in order for me to even take you seriously. One thing I can take to heart if you do not work, the IRS will not give you a damn nickle in refund. So what agency was that, again?

  4. lucia, you might want to fire your tax accountant, or hire a good one, and your $9,000 check story…..come on, feed that to some jack ass some where else but not here.

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