Obama First Press Conference as President

November 7, 2008

President Obama’s first press conference was very impressive.   It is so good to have a president that can speak with thought and deliberation, I could cry.

He will be meeting with Bush on Monday and something tells me, judging by some of Bush’s speeches, that Bush will be trying to push off as much responsibility as possible onto Obama’s shoulders, no matter what the talking heads say.

I know there can not be two presidents at the same time but in my eyes Bush is a joke not a president; therefore there is only one president, Obama.  As a people we look to our president to make decisions for us all, as president, Bush looks to someone else to fix the problem.  Don’t worry republicans, if McCain had won Bush would still be doing the same thing.  Bush has sent enough signals — you’d have to deaf, dumb and blind not to notice — that he wants to get from under this mess and would like nothing more than for someone else to be responsible.  Unfortunately it does not work that way.  If you break it you own it.  Bush owns this mess.


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