Scapegoat Palin?

November 7, 2008

palin-is-barbieYes, I do enjoy mocking Palin and refuse to cater to the BS myth of women sticking together.  Although that is true I can still only wonder why is so much negative information coming out about only her?  Yes I agree she did not know anything and is very politically challenged, but that was not a secret.  I’m finding just a little too much information is coming out about her and not enough about the foul ups of the strategy that did not work.

Might McCain or his people be trying to scapegoat Palin and are trying to lay all the blame at her feet?  Although some of what is coming out might be true, so what.  That’s just food for fodder.  It does not answer the bigger question of who made some of the worst decisions.  McCain or his advisers?  That’s what we really want to know.  Palin is just fun to pick at and is an easy mark but by no means was she the controller of that campaign.

Enough said.



  1. You’re darn right its a myth. Women are usually the first to knife each other in the back.


  2. Its good to see you understand that this is not just any body’s club. It’s one of mutual respect and Palin has to earn that. It is not given to her because she has a female body. Too bad she was a fake.

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