Hate loves life

November 9, 2008

hate-lives-onOne of the things that turns people off about America is the pervasive hate that still lingers in pockets of our society.  Sarah Palin fed on it and went to cherry picked towns that lived in their ignorant bliss and allowed themselves to be captured on video showing just how small minded America still is, while show casing their intolerance.

So it is with a sad heart that I must point out another idiot that wishes to make his voice known by showing the world once again that we are not going forward — in his world alone — but prefer to stay trapped in painful years gone by.  This nut is not just any stranger walking down the street.  This is Randy Gray that first tried to be a member of Ron Paul’s campaign.  That only lasted until they found out that he was a Klansman.  This is why I keep saying I, and other good people, should live to be 150 and these sort of people should just die quickly.  Let us have a chance to build up America.  The Republican party have invested so much in preaching division and hate.  Thus, you have fools like Randy trying to win by turning the clock back.  Of course we also have Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and so many others trying desperately to push the right wing nuts agenda of hate.

But let me show you Randy’s diatribe of disgusting rhetoric that he hopes will feed a white nation.  Since it has been years since slavery has been abolished and the black race have not attempted to take over the country — my bad, yes we did with President Obama, ha, ha, ha, oops.  Let me not make too much fun out of our new reality.  There has never been a let’s kill white people going on in the 21st century.  Yes, there were vicious times that occurred in the 60s.  But let us admit that it was a combination of hatred, injustice and lack of equality.

As for Randy?  Just another guy looking to blame another race for all the woes of our country.  Yet Randy is not talking about the destruction of our country by his white brother Bush.  Only about how everything that is wrong is because of race.  My question to Randy is what about the white people who are committing horrible crimes?  Let’s face facts here, criminals are criminals, no matter their skin color.  Why Randy is bringing up gay people is questionable at best.

Those like Randy is what need to be educated and taught to understand that America is changing and this is not a one race country.  If they can not be educated, then lets opt for eradication.  Either Randy will move on or die like the dinosaurs.

Enough said.


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