I’ve heard crazy but Chuck Norris is topping the list

November 10, 2008

churck-norris2It is no secret that Chuck Norris backed Huckabee and had cited McCain as being some one who could die at any moment.  In his latest post he bragged about his work in ensuring the success of  proposition 8 and then went on to further state his sentiments regarding President Obama by putting out a poem titled “Obama’s Political Stink — And he’s out to steal your wallet” (there is nothing like a delusional right wing nut).

That’s not the crazy part.  Not liking the president elect is something that usually happens every presidential election.  Crazy comes into play when you read the letter that he supposedly sent to President Obama.  After reading the letter I had to laugh.  There seems to be some disconnect (as usual) in Norris understanding that our current troubles are directly caused by the republican (right wing) agenda.

  • He goes off on how President Obama needs to use the constitution as he govern.  This is really a mix and mash of right to arms, quoting the constitution publicly as often as one quotes the Bible, how taxes should be delegated, and bring religion back into schools. (Funny that was not required of ex-president Bush.)
  • He then goes on to, more or less, give a threat towards what Obama’s position must be towards woman’s rights and that can only be pro-life; but he entwines that logic in with protecting Americans from international harm and then back to getting the Federal government to overturn Roe vs Wade (damn these people are crazy).
  • Then he moves on to tell President Obama to learn from his predecessors, listing only Clinton and Cater, so President Obama knows that Norris knows how ill equipped he is to handle international diplomacy and dealing with cutting taxes for major corporations — you know the trickled down effect that Obama is not observing correctly.  He even speaks about how Carter caused the greatest unemployment in history — a sane person might argue what the hell does Norris think we are going through now?  He also accused Carter for the rise of  Ahmadinejad’s to power, although when that fact is checked Ahmadinejad really came to power [August 2005] under Bush and his irresponsible war in Iraq  (Why is it that the crazies never see what their own party has done past or present?).
  • Finally he caps off his rant with telling President Obama how he better not lead by any liberal directives (Pelosi and Reid) since Norris will have his eyes on him.  President Obama better lead from the center because if he does not it will lead to the resurrection of the republican party?  I did not know the republican party was dead?  By the words of Norris letter President Obama better adopt the right wing nuts agenda towards all issues (I doubt Norris knows how absolutely stupid he sounds).

I wonder if Norris really thinks that what he had to say will be respected?  If so by whom?  I’m sure if he really did send this letter to President Obama it would go in the loony bin.  I write blogs too but I don’t think I’m going to start by telling the President how he better get on board with my personal agenda.

There was nothing objective, appealing, rational or reasoning about Norris’ stupid letter.  Norris entire letter reeked of right wing nut philosophy with no relief.  In most cases he comes off as threatening and slightly crazed.  My advice to Norris?  Go make another commercial and leave governing to the real politicians.

Enough said.



  1. Norris is another religious right wing nut job. His beleifs are similar to Palins.

  2. Not only does he need to leave government business alone he needs to get some new hair plugs or new style wig. 😀

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