MSNBC discusses ‘center-right myth’

November 10, 2008

Eleanor Clift has it correct. People do not want the government in their private lives and the insult is every time the conservatives put bills on the ballot during elections that further their cause of pervading private lives we reject them as a party. You can not really draw a heavy conclusion that the nation is still center right based off of the government allowing their right wing interest being placed on ballots that are heavily written in legal terms that a person is not really sure what the hell they are voting for or against.  But needless to say, the whole premise of a center right and Obama governing is a myth.

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  1. You talk about the conservatives being in private lives just like Obama is going to be: raising our children, taking over health care, our national security, our money, our homes, etc. I feel as though he thinks he can run my life better than I can. Talk about interfering.

  2. Then you are either not being true to your self or should just go live in a closet. There has been no government more pervasive in our private lives then the republican party. Did you live happily with that? They took your money and did nothing for your country. Did you live with that? They left at least 40 million without health coverage. Did you live with that? They destroy our economy. Did you live with that? They removed rules and regulations that would have made the housing bubble a non issue. Did you live with that? They have the worst record on children’s education. Did you live with that?

    Please I am not the party to speak nonsense too. I have no time for bogus fears. President Obama is the only hope of getting us out of this hole we are currently living in. You don’t like it then go live in your closet, otherwise go find out the real truth.

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